Another Exciting Win

9 01 2011

Congradulations to XDC winner Aurimas”Odi” Bakchis!

May 24, 2010

If you didn’t make it out to this event click on the photo to see Larry Chen’s XDC coverage!

Bakchis surprises with win at XDC Round Two at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

May 24, 2010 (Las Vegas, Nev.) – On a hot, windy day at the
Proving Grounds of Las Vegas Motor Speedway, XDC debutante Odie Bakchis
outdrove a stellar field of thirty drivers to win the first ever drift event
held on the LVMS road course. Bakchis, who competes in the regional Vegas Drift
series and is a regular at Southern California’s Thursday Night Drift, defeated
Forrest Wang, Alex Pfeiffer, upstart Ryan Kado and Quoc Ly on his way to a
surprising victory at the Proving Grounds and the $3000 check that went along
with it.

Westminister, California’s Quoc Ly would finish second and
earn $2000, with Flagstaff, Arizona’s George Marstonavic finishing third to
earn $1000, and eighteen-year-old Kado from Sacramento, California earning $500
for fourth. Ly also earned an extra $150 for winning the Retaks Insane Entry
Award, while the top-three earned prizes from Del Taco for their results.

It was a drama-filled day in Las Vegas, beginning in
qualifying when round 1 winner David Briggs failed to advance to tandem
competition. In the top-16, James Evans eliminated Formula Drift driver Jeff
Jones after a One More Time, before Kado and Wang squared off. Wang put in one
of the best chase runs of the day, only to blow an engine and forfeit the round
to the upstart Kado. Kado then eliminated Formula Drift driver Pfeiffer to
advance to the Final Four.

The highest drama came as Chelsea DeNofa met top qualifier
Quoc Ly in the Great Eight. Ly’s early initiation caught out DeNofa, with
DeNofa making heavy contact with the rear of Ly’s car. The impact damaged Ly’s
fuel tank, causing DeNofa to forfeit the round. The race against the clock was
on for Ly’s DriftSpeed team to repair his car in time for the Final Four.

The car, in fact, was repaired in time for Ly to defeat
Marstonavic to advance to the final. Bakchis then defeated Kado when Kado’s
engine gave up, putting Bakchis into the final against Ly. With Kado’s car
unable to continue, Marstonavic automatically earned third place.

After the action-packed day, the final between Bakchis and
Ly was fairly straightforward. Ly led first with Bakchis chasing close through
the entire run. On the second run, Bakchis was able to pull out a gap and with
no major mistakes from either driver, Bakchis earned the win.

By: Efrain Olivares




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