Dstroyr Visits the Shop

9 01 2011

Straight from Dstroyr’s blog:

Stopped by Odi Bakchis shop and did some catching up.

Odi owns and runs Feal Suspension in Ontario CA. If your in the market please hit up his site. And also runs his drift program from this same shop. He gave the the latest info on his new car for the 2011 Formula Drift season. Pretty exciting stuff can’t wait to see the new car when it’s ready.

Here is Odi’s ProAm car man I love the color it’s so orange.

His FD license is tucked away behind some stacks of tires. And his big ass XDC check is posted up on the wall. I remember that event the DSTROYR ez up flew away in the 80 mph wind. That day sucked for me but it was rad for ODI he took first place.

Best heater in the world it throws a flame and it’s orange.

Odi is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Serious nice guy very consistent driver and overall solid dude. And I learned something new his dad is into cafe bikes. +1!!!




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