Palm Beach Luxury

6 06 2011

Palm Beach felt like a vacation with some drifting mixed in. I started my trip to this round of FD early by flying to Georgia and working on the car through out Memorial Day weekend.

Once the car was ready, I drove my rig to Palm Beach. The first day at Palm Beach I discovered an amazing beach about 15 mins from the hotel. 77F water and no crowds!

The track started out in one direction, but was reversed after some close calls with cars and the spectator area. I honestly liked the new layout of the track more because it flowed much better without tightening up. Once the track was reversed I was able to connect it the first time out.

Practice went smooth and the car worked really well the whole time. Despite the uncomfortable weather, my motor stayed cool and stable (thanks to Forged Racing Radiators!). Qualifying went pretty smooth allowing me to qualify for top 32.

This was my third FD event and I found my favorite time to drive during each event is top 32 practice. During this practice I am in good spirits, get to gauge up against top drivers, and I get extra track time!

My chase run with Rhys Millen in top 16 was a bit off line and I ended up dropping my rear wheels to far out into the clipping zone. Right after that corner I knew that it would take a mistake on Rhys’s part for things to go in my favor. Rhys laid down a solid chase run behind me like he always does and got to advance. I really feel that I should mention that Rhys was a super guy and did not jump the start while leading. 

So as of now I have made every top 32 so far, and I am hungrier than ever for top 16.




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6 06 2011

awesomeness GO ODI GO

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