Last East Coast Round of the Season, NJ

26 06 2011

This was my first time in New Jersey, and I loved it. It was super lush and green, the track was crazy, and I had my good friends there to share the fun with.

During my first practice runs the track was wet and way slippery in the infield. But after it dried up it was awesome smashing from the banked turn into the infield.

We had some power steering troubles, but luckily finding a Chevy V8 power steering pump was not too much trouble (thanks to Brennan’s telephone parts searching skills).

Next morning, Friday, we assembled the new power steering pump, picked up some more tires, and headed back to the track. The car felt great and I was able to qualify 21st.

After qualifying the weather got super crazy and it started to rain heavily. During drivers meeting the wind broke through the tent/canopy and it was obvious that the weather was getting more violent quickly. Everyone ran back to the pits to hold down everything that was at the mercy of blowing away. The Need for Speed pit got hit hard and their whole canopy ended up in the power lines above. The aftermatch looked like a mini hurricane came through.

After the short and intense storm the track was flooded and practice was cancelled.

Operation drying shoes at the hotel.

Saturday was sunny and dry. During my tanded run, Joon Maeng’s drivetrain failed, so I got to advance to top 16. Not the way I wanted to advance, but this kind of thing happens frequently in drifting and I guess it was my turn to get a break.

During my top 16 battle with Tyler McQuarrie I was not able to slow down as fast as he did into a corner and I ended up spinning. 

Before the long journey back to CA we decided to take a quick gander at New York city.

I had to get food from a street vendor to complete the experience.




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27 06 2011
Bob Weiner

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