Partnering with Nexen Tires for 2012

4 01 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Aurimas Bakchis (“Odi”) confirmed that he has paired with Nexen Tire for the 2012 drift season. Bakchis, the 2011 Formula Drift USA “Rookie of the Year”, announced in December 2011 that he will run the 2012 season as a driver for Team M7. The 2012 program will include a new look, refined motor, and Nexen tires for Bakchis’ Nissan 240 SX S14.

Nexen Tire is heavily involved in the Formula Drift USA series and Bakchis is pleased to join this well established program. Bakchis mentioned that he is excited to run Nexen’s new N6000 tires in the rear and N9000 tires in the front of the car. The specific tire size will be determined based on the car’s weight following completion of the car build in order to meet tire requirements established by Formula Drift.

Written by: Amy Bakchis




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