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16 01 2012

Photo by: Oliver Petalver

As you may have guessed, having new sponsors (including M7 Japan and Nexen Tire) leads to a new look for the 2012 season.

702 Graphics designed and wrapped the 2011 car and had no problem taking on the challenge to design the 2012 look. We don’t just want to show you the new graphic, but we also want to describe the process and what it means to “wrap the car”.

The Unwrap
The old wrap had to be peeled from the car by 702 This left the car looking a little naked, sad, and ready for the streets. J/K – no streets for this beast!

The Design and Print
702 designed a great combo of the 2011 team look with the new color scheme and logos of Team M7. The same stripe imagery from the 2011 wrap runs diagonally across the car from the front driver’s side to the rear passenger’s side. Two dragons (signature pieces of Team M7 graphics) are on the rear driver’s side and front passenger’s side.

The wrap was printed in 7 pieces: two sides, hood, roof, deck lid, and two bumpers. This comes in handy when someone scrapes (or hits) a wall and one piece of the wrap needs to be fixed.

The wrap was printed with two Roland XC-540 (54”) Large Format Printers. Avery MPI 1005 Super Cast 2mil printable vinyl was paired with Lamex 2mil matte over laminate (the black and silver pieces).

The dragons were computer cut on Oracal 352 Series Chrome (yes, chrome) using a Roland GX-640 Cutter. All of the green is actual fluorescent vinyl (Oracal 6510 Series Fluorescent), not a printed color.

The Install
702 installed the wrap in 8 hours using 2 installers. This means that the entire car appearance changed in one day and was ready to go – no waiting for paint to dry or pulling tape off.
The black and silver wrap was laid on the car and then heated and stretched to perfectly fit over the body. All of the black and silver is the bottom layer of graphic (the actual wrap). The dragons were laid on the car after the black/silver vinyl, followed by the sponsor decals.

Final Product
As always after a day at 702, the car looks great! And so does the van!

Photo by: Oliver Petalver

Photo by: Oliver Petalver




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17 01 2012
Odi Bakchis 2012 M7, NEXEN TIRE livery

[…] Here is the new livery of fan favorite Odi Bakchis. With His New Sponsor M7. Head over to his blog HERE to read up on the full design. And we wish Him and his team the very best of luck this […]

17 01 2012

Thank you!

17 01 2012

get corner lights!

17 01 2012
Racer's Porn Shop

Looks awesome!
To top it of, the MKI Mini really made our day.

17 01 2012

Car looks amazing ! Are those NOB seats available for sale ?

17 01 2012

Labai labai grazus bolidas, sekmes tau!

19 01 2012

Sekmes mes uz tave 😉

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