Malaysia, June 2012!

10 06 2012

I recently returned from my first trip to Malaysia and already hope to be back in the future. My experience was a great quick tour of the country with a focus on exploring M7 Japan’s Asian market, meeting more of my M7 Japan teammates, and checking out the Super GT race.

First thing after checking into the Hotel was to visit Sepang Circuit. This is the race track that hosts F1 and Super GT in Malaysia.


I got to meet some of the my fellow M7 Japan drivers and ambassadors for the first time such as Max Orido, Tenkgu Djan, Ro Charlez and Isami Amemiya.

Above are some of the cars we got to drive. Yes, I did throw that SRT-8 sideways on the Sepang Circuit 🙂

Parade lap

Chauffeured to the next stop in this awesome mini van!

Stoked to see this banner at the entrance of the Drive Energy drink media launch.

Drive Energy drink teammate Dai Yoshihara and local Dstroyr clothing and drifting supporter, Syamsul.


A day at Mutiera Motors, sole distributor in Malaysia for M7 Japan.

M7 Tuned Skyline R32 to R35! There were also some serious cars like a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, but I found myself drawn to the collection of JDM M7 Japan rides (EVOs, STIs, TYPE R civics, RX8s, and even S Chassis).


Found a photo of myself from M7 Japan’s visit to Formula Drift in Long Beach earlier this year.

 A retured winning racecar at M7 Japan’s distributor.

Trip doesn’t end here. . .check back soon for Part II!




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14 06 2012
Bob Weiner


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