Exploring the East Coast

30 06 2012

In the past few weeks I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the east coast.  I went from Atlanta, to Palm Beach, to New Jersey and a few spots in between.  

I started the trip off right with food from Waffle House.

Nice view from the hidden restrooms at Road Atlanta.

Got to chat on Livestream a little bit.

As always, it was fun to meet fans between driving sessions.  Autograph session in Palm Beach was moved inside due to weather.  Weather seems to be a common theme for each east coast event.

The Lithuania flag flies at every FD event now!

View from the spotter’s booth at Palm Beach.

I flew in to New York before heading to New Jersey.  The Brooklyn sign was hilarious. 

New Jersey was the best because the only food near the hotel was Applebee’s.  Four nights in a row!

New Jersey will let me drift around their racetracks, but I’m not allowed to pump my own gas – we left that to the gas-pumping professionals.

We drank a lot of DRIVE in the pits to make up for the time difference and lack of sleep all weekend.

After the New Jersey event, I got to be a tourist for a few hours in New York.  Enjoy the photos:

Time’s Square area.

Enjoying the scenery on the way to Central Park.

Finally got to Central Park.

Where apparently only unorganized sports are allowed.

Central Park must be a good place to tan.  Better than the beach?


We went to American Museum of Natural History.  Amy was excited, Brennan not so much.

Dinosaurs .




Streets of NYC.  It was nice even though it smelled awkward.

Personally, I’m disappointed that people can’t drive and need bumper covers.

Then we headed home. . .back to the west coast for the remainder of the season!




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