The New Build, Part I

12 09 2012

After the crash in Las Vegas it was time to build a new chassis.  The deadline to Formula Drift Round 7 in Irwindale is soon, so the schedule for the new build is pretty tight.  We’ll see how a less-than-five-week build to a competition-ready vehicle goes.

First things first, we bought a new chassis before even leaving Las Vegas.  We left it with DDS Performance for the roll cage installation. 

As soon as we were back in CA we stripped the S14 to see what was re-usable.  The wrecked car is now less than a full shell.

Luckily a lot of the parts can be re-used.

My spare bumper still had the old school 2011 wrap, but now it will go to good use on the new car.

A few days later we picked up the new chassis.  I loved my old roll cage design (simple and safe feeling door bars), so I asked DDS Performance for a similar base build.  DDS Performance also incorporated the new roll cage intrusion bars since these are regulation for 2013 FD cars. 

Before the car could be painted some fabrication work and chassis modifications were needed.  Thanks to AIT Racing we also picked up replacement body panels and had everything painted black.

By this time next week we hope to have the engine and transmission already in the car.  There is still a lot of work to be done, so keep checking back to watch the progress.




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12 09 2012

Gražu pažiūrėti,greitai darbuojatės 🙂

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