The New Build, Part II

19 09 2012

As you read in Part I, the new S14 chassis was recently caged, painted, and prepped for hands-on work.  In the past week, we’ve gotten down and dirty as we make progress on the new build.


First, the rear subframe was installed.



Thanks to good friends, the engine and transmission were then installed.  The LS2 motor and the four-speed dog box transmission were both in decent shape after Las Vegas and are now in the new car.  Thanks to Sikky a few damaged engine swap pieces are now replaced and ready to go.






A tubular front core support was fabricated and is now in place.



The battery was relocated to the trunk, similar to my old S14.



The fire suppression system and e-brake system were hooked up.  My M7 Japan Bride passenger seat was moved into the new car.



My old cracked dash, including the sweet M7 Japan gauges, was relocated to the new car.  Now my interior looks and (almost) feels like the old car.



We are well on the way to completing this new build.  Stay tuned for the next part which will feature several key components from Mishimoto, Feal Suspension, Battle Version, etc.




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19 09 2012

if was rich i would sponsor you in a heartbeat!

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