Gotta Know the Rules to Qualify

5 02 2013

While reading the 2013 Formula Drift rules to prepare for next season, I came across the new qualifying format. It turns out that qualifying this year will be in a “knockout” format. Huh?

In short, the top 16 qualifiers will be determined after the first qualifying run. The remaining drivers (17 through X) will complete their second qualifying run and will keep the better score of the two runs. Those remaining drivers will then be seeded in the 17 through 32 qualifier positions. It also looks like there will be a scaled approach for awarding speed points, unlike the 0 and 10 point options we saw in 2012.

This will be interesting enough and seems like it will reward consistency from the start of each event. Unfortunately, it looks like this method will not reward a driver for laying down a perfect second run. We’ll see if this qualifying approach is put into action at Long Beach and, if it is, then I am definitely up for the challenge in the Nexen Tire S14.


Amys east coast pics 003



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