Purple Bammer Jammer Power!

10 03 2013

I was recently in Las Vegas to judge the first round of Vegas Pro Am (which was awesome). While I was at the track my car got a makeover at 702 Graphics because I know how to treat her right.


2013 Wrap Pic 001

I left the car at the shop and it was black, judged the event, came back and the Nexen Tire Nissan 240SX was already Nexen- purple.

2013 Wrap Pic 004

Add some graphic design.

2013 Wrap Pic 006

Watch the wife help out.

2013 Wrap Pic 007

Add some (not all) of the logos.  And then check out the new look, 2013 spring fashion at its best.

2013 Wrap Pic 009


2013 Wrap Pic 010

As always – thanks to 702 Graphics for making the car look sick!  Looking forward to starting the season!  Stay tuned for some additional exciting partnership news.



3 responses

12 03 2013
Odi Bakchis Goes Purple in 2013 with Nexen [SPYSHOTS] : Breaking Drift News

[…] Check out More Images Here: https://bakchis.wordpress.com/2013/03/10/purple-bammer-jammer-power/ […]

12 03 2013
Mandy Jane Bohanek

Looks stunning Odi 🙂

13 03 2013
Aurimo Bakchio Nissan šiemet bus galingesnis ir purpurinis | driftzone.lt

[…] Šaltinis: https://bakchis.wordpress.com/2013/03/10/purple-bammer-jammer-power/ […]

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