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12 responses

26 02 2011

Greetings from Lithuania and good luck in Formula D!!!!

6 03 2011

Hey, i’ve seen some videos and pictures of you around the internet and I can honestley say I am amazed at your skill. You seem to have perfect car control and balance. I can drift myself, but you are very very good, better than me by a long way. Good luck with the 2011 season and events, and nice car.

7 03 2011

Thanks for the kind words and thanks for following my drifting!

11 04 2011

Come to Lithuanian drift championship

18 05 2011
Jake hoy

greetings from Missouri!! i hope to be competing with you some day XD

6 06 2011

Hey man look forward to seeing you at the Wall New Jersey. Also love the new design on the car. Are you going to be coming out with any t-shirts or anything?

Good Luck

6 06 2011

Thanks for the support. I will be at NJ and I have a few Large “I support Odi drifting” shirts left. We are making some more in the future.

7 06 2011

Sweet, ill be sure to drop by and pic up a shirt !!

27 12 2011
Bob Weiner


6 04 2012

Greetings from Lithuania… nice car and good luck in 2012 season of Formula D !!!

7 04 2012

Hey, greetings from lithuania! Sauniai pasirodei prie Gittin! Sekmes!

23 08 2012

Good show in Evergreen Speedway. Looking forward to Las Vegas.
Best of luck lad.

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